The Final Four

The AFC and NFC championships will be tomorrow and the day after. The Patriots are going to Denver and the Cardinals are traveling to Carolina. I want an upset weekend. Even though a lot of people think that the Patriots are going to win, they are the #2 seed while the Broncos are the #1. I feel like the Patriots will win. They aren’t going up against any injuries at the moment that I’m aware of and earlier in the year when the Patriots lost, they were. I think this will be a kind of good game with the Broncos having Home field advantage, but the Patriots, in my opinion, have the better roster. Sure the Broncos defense is outstanding and the Broncos offense is full of threats, but I feel like the Patriots will win.


Then in Carolina, I want the Cardinals to win and I think they will, too. The Panthers have a monstrous offense and defense. But I like the defense and offense for the Cardinals better. The Cardinals just seem like the team that least people think will win. I think the Cardinals defense will just have enough players to stop Cam, Olsen, and Stewart. Then on the other side of the ball, the Panthers defense is amazing, especially when Josh Norman and Luke Kuechly are playing at their best. But the Arizona Cardinals want to do it all this season. And that includes going and trying to win the Super Bowl.


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