Mayhem in the NFL

I’m sad that the season is about to end just as fat as it started but this year there were some crazy things that happened. First, the Panthers were 15-1! That is a very good record. I am surprised that they had such good games. The Panthers were one of the teams I never mentioned at the beginning of the season that I thought would have a chance at the super bowl. My list was Seahawks, Packers, or 49ers for the NFC and the Broncos, Patriots, or the Colts for the AFC. The Panthers have never really had a season in the past 5 years that was really recognizable but for being one of the ‘underdogs’ they had a heck of a season.

Carolina Panthers
The Panthers after one of their 15 regular season wins. (Photo courtesy of


Another thing I was surprised about was the 49ers season. They had a horrible season. They only had five wins which means that they lost 11 games, more than double the amount they won. Colin Kaepernick had a bad season. For heck sake, he got BENCHED! That was another thing I would never have guessed would happen.


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