Fish Out of Water

Since I’m a Patriots fan, I’m a little nervous for the game this weekend. The Chiefs have been 11-0 since their 1-5 start this season. I still think the Patriots will win because I want them to and I think they can win a clutch game like this.

It’s kind of ratty by now.

In the meantime, today at my school, it is “Bronco Day.” I, obviously, will be in team spirit, but just not for the team. I will be wearing my Pats sweatshirt with a Brady jersey on underneath. This year, I have worn my sweatshirt 4 times a week, the 5th day is when I wash it. I have been given so much trouble about it everywhere I go. About every time a see a new person, they always say something like “I can’t look at that sweatshirt” or “How much trouble do you get for wearing that around in Bronco Country?” I also have a Rob Gronkowski doll that I love. I even have a Patriots light rain jacket, a Patriots bed spread, a Patriots decal on my wall, a Tom Brady football jersey (wearing it today, as I said), and, of course, a Patriots helmet. So I hope that Patriots win or I’m in for a lot of annoying people mocking me at school next week. Monday’s a holiday so let’s hope they’ll forget about it by Tuesday.

But that’s only if the Patriots lose. And I have a lot of faith in them, so I don’t think that will happen.

(If I had a Steelers jersey, I would wear a Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Markus Wheaton, or Martavis Bryant jersey so I can do the opposite to the Broncos fans at school.)


3 thoughts on “Fish Out of Water

  1. Living in Florida I get the same thing said to me constantly when I wear my PATS gear. I am looking forward to the game tomorrow and a PATS win.


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