So, I Was Wrong…

I got it all wrong. The Redskins didn’t beat the Packers and the Vikings didn’t beat the Seahawks. In the Vikings game, I don’t blame Blair Walsh. He missed that field goal but he was under a lot of pressure and it was a live-or-die situation. If he made it, they would have won 12-10, but since he didn’t, the Seahawks won 10-9.

In the next game in the nation’s capital, I predicted that the Washington Redskins  would win, but I wanted the Packers to win, and I got what I wanted, even though I wasn’t right. The game ended up being 35-18 with the Packers on top. At the beginning of the game it started out 5-0 with a safety and a field goal. That’s pretty rare for the first points of the game. But then the Packers came back with five touchdowns, 35 points, with the Redskins only scoring two more field goals and a touchdown. I’m kind of mad that the Redskins blew their lead and their defense didn’t hold up against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. It was a big game for them and they just couldn’t keep it together. But still, I wanted the Packers to win.

So that means that my whole NFC divisional round is going to be messed up. So, when the Seahawks play the Panthers, I think the Seahawks defense will disrupt the Panthers’ offensive tempo. But I also think that Josh Norman and the Panthers will do the same to the Seahawks. I feel like since the Seahawks had so much trouble with the Vikings, the Panthers will win and advance to the NFC championship. Then there is the Arizona-Green Bay game. The Packers have a good defense but their defense won’t be able to stop Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, David Johnson, and the rest of the Cardinals. Then with the Cardinals defense and the Green Bay offense, I feel like it will be the same thing but the Cardinals defense will play a bit better. I still believe what I thought from NFC championship will come true, as for the Super Bowl.


5 thoughts on “So, I Was Wrong…

  1. Great thoughts about the games. I’m going to talk to you before I go to Vegas next time. Nice writing too! I’d have thought you were in high school.


  2. I was 4-0 with my weekend picks. I see you had the vikings reaching the nfc championship. hahaha. I’d like to see a cards/steelers super bowl rematch. though I’d like to see the packers win saturday nite. and the steelers health is in question.


  3. Yep – when the Pack is on, they are REALLY on, but when they’re off…well, then it’s over. It’s so hard to predict at this point because of the inconsistency, but I guess that also makes for exciting football! Great blogging, W!!! Go, Pack, Go!!


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